Welcome to Fear on Demand Horror Podcast

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The Fear on Demand horror podcast is devoted to short tales of terror and suspense fiction in audio form. The horror form works very well with brief, intense tales that deliver a chilling impact. The goal here is provide just that kind of tale, penned by some of the best authors working in the horror genre. We hope you will discover writers you enjoy here and seek out their books, stories and other works of fiction. All tales are intended for mature audiences and listener discretion is advised. Download this horror podcast via the links at right.

Fear on Demand 13.1 – Blu de Golyer and Bo Keister – House of Good and Evil

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In this special April Fool’s edition of Fear on Demand, we talk with Blu de Golyer, screenwriter, and Bo Keister, actor, from the new film House of Good and Evil available on VOD platforms beginning April 1, 2014. Learn more on their Facebook page.

We chat about indy horror plus Blu and Bo’s fun horror project Hillbilly Horror Show. Be sure to check out our all-fiction Episode 13.


Fear on Demand 13 – The Stick Man by Amir Amed

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Welcome to Episode 13 of Fear of Demand featuring a short story by Amir Amed.

Read by Sam Chin

Two middle school boys pass on a game of Skyrim to explore strange territory and get a look at the mysterious figure known was The Stick Man…

TJ brought it up after school, whispering as we crossed the street and left Queenston Elementary’s car-clogged pick-up loop behind us.

“Do you want to see the Stick Man?”

We turned away from Queenston Drive, where Queenston Elementary squatted like a long, brown-brick nightmare, and crossed onto Erindale Road. We were the only walkers; all the other kids either got picked up, or left on the school bus.

This episode also includes a brief excerpt from The Holy Terror By Wayne Allen Sallee


Fear on Demand 12 – C.S. Fuqua, Mark Hartley, Sam Ingraffia

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Welcome to a a new episode of Fear on Demand. In this installment, you’ll hear a flash of fear from C.S. Fuqua, an interview with Patrick re-make director Mark Hartley plus Sam Ingraffia and Doug Burch on their film Wages of Fear plus making great films on a budget.


Fear on Demand Episode 11 – In The Land of the Blind The Man With One Eye Has No Depth perception by K.R. Helms plus scream queen Jacqui Holland

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Welcome to Episode 11 of Fear on Demand. This episode features a flash of fear from K.R. Helms from the collect The Postmortem Scrapbook

Read by Jay Wohlert.

Kevin Wright woke up scratching fleas from under his thick leather collar. He was chained to a stone boulder engraved with his name and a couple of dates that didn’t seem to matter a whole lot. The last thing he could remember was that self-righteous lunatic Mike Dunlap going Ruby Ridge inside the factory he used to manage…

In this episode, we also have an interview with Jacqui Holland, who’s been seen on How I Met Your Mother and Desperate Housewives as well as a host of horror films. She’s formed her own production company. Hear about their upcoming slate of films plus her horror acting experiences and her love for The Omen.


Fear on Demand Episode 10 – Walk of Shame by Avery Debow plus House of Bad Interview

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Welcome to Episode 10 of Fear on Demand. This episode features a brief Flash of Fear story from Avery Debow, author of the novel Resonance.

Read by Julie Holverson of 19 Nocturne Boulevard.

Liz eased onto her feet. The sheet, which had wound its way around her foot sometime during the long night’s thrashings, trailed her like a train. She shook it off with impatience, more mindful of her body’s nagging soreness than the ridiculous irony of the image.

He had left before she had awoken. The room was a shambles, his belongings scattered across the floor as if abandoned in hasty disgust…

In this episode, we also have an interview with Jim Towns, co-writer and director of the new film House of Bad. Hear about his love of Universal monster and learn more about the film that blends crime and supernatural horror.


Fear on Demand Episode 9 – The Color of My Wounds By Martel Sardina

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Welcome to Episode 9 of the Fear on Demand Horror Podcast Featuring a short story by Martel Sardina.

Read by David Byrd, That Blue Jeans Guy.


Everyone keeps telling me that I need closure where Laura Burke is concerned. Skeletons aren’t meant to be kept in the closet forever.  It’s been twenty years since high school.

Twenty years since she broke my heart.

I just about went crazy when I heard that she married someone else not two years later.

I should be over her by now.


Fear on Demand Episode 8 – Cambion by Brett Williams

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Welcome to Episode 8 of the Fear on Demand Horror Podcast Featuring a short story by Brett Williams

Read by Julie Hoverson

Our marriage troubled, a rift had formed between my husband and me for no other reason than an inability to conceive a child. I loved him and wanted no other man. I also wanted a child, a family. But our physician had informed us that our prospects were hopeless.

With several years invested in the marriage and a couple more into the relationship I felt guilty for considering a dissolution of marriage so that I might have the family that I’d always wanted. See, David’s exceptionally low sperm count was the reason for our failed attempts to conceive.

Then, one night while lying awake, staring at the ceiling, a winged creature—a demon of some type with large bat-like wings and muscular body—appeared, frightening me. It seemed surreal. A streetlight cast illumination through the bedroom window, lighting his right side. Was I really awake? Could this be a dream? Before I could cry out or wake David, the creature spoke.

“I can give you the child you desire.”



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