Fear on Demand Episode 2 – This Old Man Came Rolling Home by Wayne A. Sallee

Welcome to Episode 2 of Fear on Demand featuring a short story by Wayne A. Sallee.

Read by Mark Nelson of SciPodBooks.com

“The boys were still at the bar tossing them down.  Dipple officially shut down the joint at two, but the cops stayed around long enough each night to qualify their spouses’ laments of having their significant others “working” twelve-hour shifts.  Eight on the job and four at the tavern, an unspoken fact at every cop district and every cop saloon in the city.  Might even be part of Chicago’s Municipal Code, you ask Dipple when he’s in a philosophical mood.  Which mostly occurred when some beat cop paid off part of his tab.

Dipple’s Printshop, off Eastwood Avenue.  Dan the Owner named it as a private joke for his customers; the previous tenants had laundered funny money in the back room, the die machines resting in the spot where the pool table now rested.  (Having similar tongue-in-cheek tendencies, the arrestees, now government informants with new identities and maybe living in Duluth or Sheboygan, had called the joint The Up & Up).

Dipple was going to call it The Chez When until a night watch commander gave him the lowdown, and it was with that same gentleman’s blessings – frequent customer that he was – that allowed the owner to have what amounted to a twenty-hour liquor license. …”


5 Responses to “Fear on Demand Episode 2 – This Old Man Came Rolling Home by Wayne A. Sallee”

  1. Told with Wayne’s usual mix of characterization, gore, and black humor. It felt like a group of cops sitting around chatting about an unusual case. I can see why Blood and Doughnuts would be an appropriate outlet. The ending was perfet.

    Another great story, well read.

  2. I think your download is broken.

  3. fearondemand Says:

    Thanks, Bingorage, fixed now.

  4. Your download is broken again for Episode 2.

  5. fearondemand Says:

    Sorry, I’m not able to duplicate. Ep 2 is playing for me.

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