I.See.Dark just in time for Halloween.

ISeeDark Book CoverWe have news that a new book from Spanish artist Pere Ibañez will be arriving on Halloween 2015.

According to the publisher the work: “explores powerlessness, resilience in the face of challenge and the survival instincts that compel individuals to go on. The series is arranged as a narrative collection, weaving through the cycle of fall and rally. Ibañez shot the entirety of I.See.Dark in vintage black and white, inspired by classic horror films. Building on themes of folklore and witchcraft, Ibañez staged all photos outdoors, particularly in the countryside of his hometown, Barcelona.”

In addition to being published in book form, selections from the work are also being displayed in galleries. These include venues in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and also London.

Below, get just a hint of what’s in store inside:

The Witching Hour

For more on the artist visit his website:


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