Fear on Demand Episode 8 – Cambion by Brett Williams

Welcome to Episode 8 of the Fear on Demand Horror Podcast Featuring a short story by Brett Williams

Read by Julie Hoverson

Our marriage troubled, a rift had formed between my husband and me for no other reason than an inability to conceive a child. I loved him and wanted no other man. I also wanted a child, a family. But our physician had informed us that our prospects were hopeless.

With several years invested in the marriage and a couple more into the relationship I felt guilty for considering a dissolution of marriage so that I might have the family that I’d always wanted. See, David’s exceptionally low sperm count was the reason for our failed attempts to conceive.

Then, one night while lying awake, staring at the ceiling, a winged creature—a demon of some type with large bat-like wings and muscular body—appeared, frightening me. It seemed surreal. A streetlight cast illumination through the bedroom window, lighting his right side. Was I really awake? Could this be a dream? Before I could cry out or wake David, the creature spoke.

“I can give you the child you desire.”


5 Responses to “Fear on Demand Episode 8 – Cambion by Brett Williams”

  1. A hit and run impregnating it seems like. Sounds like a story that would have been at home in the Hot Blood series. I enjoyed it.

  2. Good story! I could really visualize the look of this “demon”. Mind from gutter please…I didn’t mean the look of “that”…if you know what I mean!

  3. Awesome story. What a lucky woman to have her fun with a demon. Well done.

  4. Sixties Chick Says:

    Put a whole new mean to the phrase…..”be careful what you wish for”. The story gave me the creeps!

  5. Looking forward to the next episode. When will that be?

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