Fear on Demand Episode 9 – The Color of My Wounds By Martel Sardina

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Fear on Demand Horror Podcast Featuring a short story by Martel Sardina.

Read by David Byrd, That Blue Jeans Guy.


Everyone keeps telling me that I need closure where Laura Burke is concerned. Skeletons aren’t meant to be kept in the closet forever.  It’s been twenty years since high school.

Twenty years since she broke my heart.

I just about went crazy when I heard that she married someone else not two years later.

I should be over her by now.


6 Responses to “Fear on Demand Episode 9 – The Color of My Wounds By Martel Sardina”

  1. Thanks to Sid and David for bringing this story to life in podcast form. It was strange to hear someone else reading one of my stories, but I am very happy with the result. Great job 🙂

  2. Great title. I like how the horror of the piece creeps up on you across the story. Great visceral detail, especially at the end.

  3. Deliciously disturbing. I felt very much inside his mind–a troubling experience (in a good way). Kudos to Martel and David–a great pairing of words and voice.

  4. Thanks, Charles and Avery. I’m glad that you liked the piece 🙂

  5. dan benger Says:

    Cool, creepy and inspirational. As an aspiring writer myself I dig the “in the moment” style of story telling. As an added bonus…I no look forward to crossing paths with my childhood sweetie – always wondered how I’d handle it. Bwaaa haaa haa ha ha!

  6. It reminded me of the time I asked all of the girls in my class out. Then I turned out to be gay anyway so it didn’t really matter. But it is so strange that people still hold onto love and lust for that long of time. It is like get over it. But in truth people never really do completely get over their past loves. Those things are like kindling in the back of people’s minds. Disturbing once you begin to think about it.

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