Fear on Demand Episode 10 – Walk of Shame by Avery Debow plus House of Bad Interview

Welcome to Episode 10 of Fear on Demand. This episode features a brief Flash of Fear story from Avery Debow, author of the novel Resonance.

Read by Julie Holverson of 19 Nocturne Boulevard.

Liz eased onto her feet. The sheet, which had wound its way around her foot sometime during the long night’s thrashings, trailed her like a train. She shook it off with impatience, more mindful of her body’s nagging soreness than the ridiculous irony of the image.

He had left before she had awoken. The room was a shambles, his belongings scattered across the floor as if abandoned in hasty disgust…

In this episode, we also have an interview with Jim Towns, co-writer and director of the new film House of Bad. Hear about his love of Universal monster and learn more about the film that blends crime and supernatural horror.


2 Responses to “Fear on Demand Episode 10 – Walk of Shame by Avery Debow plus House of Bad Interview”

  1. Somehow, there are ‘do-overs’ not edited out of this version of Ms. Holverson’s reading. Is that intentional?

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