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Fear on Demand Episode 4 – Room 412 by Michael Laimo

Posted in fear-on-demand-podcast on April 1, 2009 by SidneyW

Welcome to Episode 4 of Fear on Demand featuring a short story by Michael Laimo

Read by Gord Mackenzie (

Music is provided by Black Pharaoh from the new tune “The Return of the Beautiful.”

“Here’s your key, sir. Room 410. Elevators are to the right.”

“Thank you.” I returned the young girl’s smile. It was the first conversation I’d had all day, and frankly it felt good simply talking to someone, regardless if the exchange had only been a few pleasant words with the hotel’s desk clerk.

I’d been traveling all day, since early this morning. First the flight from Islip’s Macarthur Airport to Omaha, which had been delayed at its scheduled stop-over in Chicago for nearly three hours, and then the drive from Omaha to Grand Island, which also took longer than anticipated. I’d ended up smack in the middle of rush-hour, and believe me, these cornhuskers don’t take to offensive driving as much as us city boys do. They pretty much stick to their lazy ways, even behind the wheel, no matter if they’re early, late, or what. Once I battled my way out of the city though, it was pretty much smooth sailing to Grand Island–all three hours of it.”