Currently Fear on Demand is not a paying market. We can only offer you the promotional value of having a podcast done of your work and hope someone hears it and wants to make it into a movie. We think all of our episodes so far are wonderful stories and worthy of dramatic interpretation, and we really want to be a showcase for great writers both established and new. When you become a FOD author, we will make every effort to promote your name wherever possible including Twitter and other social media sources. We will recommend other markets if we have any insights.

You do get the mp3 of your episode, of course, sort of like a contributor’s copy, but then so does everyone else. That’s the nature of digital stuff.We’re tagging each episode with a Creative Commons license, and you retain all rights to your work other than the audio podcast right.

Maybe someday we’ll be able to pay but at the moment donations are not quite covering expenses, though we appreciate the donations that have come in.

If you’re still with us after that no-pay paragraph, well, thanks for the interest. If you’re just dying to submit a tale, e-mail the FOD editor/proprietor at to say hello and query us.

We’d like to see a wide range of tales. The styles we’re interested in linclude literary horror, magical realism, offbeat tales and tales that are chilling and visceral. Diverse genres that touch on the realm of horror also interest us, everything from urban fantasy to dark mystery is welcome as well.

We like vampires, Cthulhu and zombies like everybody else. If you think you have something we’d like, drop us a note and check in before sending. We’re particular fans, of late, not just of traditional horror but of the offbeat tales such as Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Marquez’s One Hundred years of Solitude and Donoso’s The Obscene Bird of Night. Robert Aickman’s another favorite.

Readers are always needed. Podcasters interested in reading stories in exchange for promotional credit, please e-mail at the above address. Readers who want the exposure, we’d love to hear from you too. The same no-pay but promotion policy applies, but we’re hopeful doors to other opportunities will open for you by offering one more showcase of your talent, reading the great stories our authors provide.

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