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Fear on Demand Episode 2 – This Old Man Came Rolling Home by Wayne A. Sallee

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Welcome to Episode 2 of Fear on Demand featuring a short story by Wayne A. Sallee.

Read by Mark Nelson of

“The boys were still at the bar tossing them down.  Dipple officially shut down the joint at two, but the cops stayed around long enough each night to qualify their spouses’ laments of having their significant others “working” twelve-hour shifts.  Eight on the job and four at the tavern, an unspoken fact at every cop district and every cop saloon in the city.  Might even be part of Chicago’s Municipal Code, you ask Dipple when he’s in a philosophical mood.  Which mostly occurred when some beat cop paid off part of his tab.

Dipple’s Printshop, off Eastwood Avenue.  Dan the Owner named it as a private joke for his customers; the previous tenants had laundered funny money in the back room, the die machines resting in the spot where the pool table now rested.  (Having similar tongue-in-cheek tendencies, the arrestees, now government informants with new identities and maybe living in Duluth or Sheboygan, had called the joint The Up & Up).

Dipple was going to call it The Chez When until a night watch commander gave him the lowdown, and it was with that same gentleman’s blessings – frequent customer that he was – that allowed the owner to have what amounted to a twenty-hour liquor license. …”


Welcome to Fear on Demand Horror Podcast

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The Fear on Demand horror podcast is devoted to short tales of terror and suspense fiction and interviews with genre creators in audio form. The horror form works very well with brief, intense tales that deliver a chilling impact. The goal here is provide just that kind of tale, penned by some of the best authors working in the horror genre. We hope you will discover writers you enjoy here and seek out their books, stories and other works of fiction. All tales are intended for mature audiences and listener discretion is advised. Download this horror podcast via the links at right. Below you’ll also find articles, reviews, interviews and more in the horror and thriller realm.

Fear on Demand Podcast Beta – Thief of Eyes by Charles A. Gramlich

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Welcome to the beta of Episode 1 of Fear on Demand featuring a short story by Charles A. Gramlich.

Read by Glen Hallstrom aka Smokestack Jones (On Facebook)

” She had the lips that Satan dreamed of in his long fall to hell.  That’s why I followed her down that nameless, narrow alley in `the city care forgot.’

I’d been riding all day, coming up out of Texas on my painted whore of a Harley, and an impulse sent me angling off the Vieux Carre exit and into the French Quarter.  I’d been to New Orleans many times and never found anything there I couldn’t live without, but my life had been governed by whims of late and I saw no reason to stop paying attention to them now.

It was cool but not cold in the mid-October Southern night.  A rain had come and gone …

Warning: This episode contains mature themes, subject matter and language. Listener discretion is advised.


Coming Soon

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Welcome to the future home of Fear on Demand, a new horror and suspense podcast. It will feature short, chilling tales from great writers with a gift for crafting fiction that will send shivers down the spine.

Check back soon to download our first episode.