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Fear on Demand Podcast Beta – Thief of Eyes by Charles A. Gramlich

Posted in fear-on-demand-podcast on January 12, 2009 by SidneyW

Welcome to the beta of Episode 1 of Fear on Demand featuring a short story by Charles A. Gramlich.

Read by Glen Hallstrom aka Smokestack Jones (On Facebook)

” She had the lips that Satan dreamed of in his long fall to hell.  That’s why I followed her down that nameless, narrow alley in `the city care forgot.’

I’d been riding all day, coming up out of Texas on my painted whore of a Harley, and an impulse sent me angling off the Vieux Carre exit and into the French Quarter.  I’d been to New Orleans many times and never found anything there I couldn’t live without, but my life had been governed by whims of late and I saw no reason to stop paying attention to them now.

It was cool but not cold in the mid-October Southern night.  A rain had come and gone …

Warning: This episode contains mature themes, subject matter and language. Listener discretion is advised.