Episode 7
Julie Hoverson is the creator and mastermind behind 19 Nocturne Boulevard, an award-winning audio drama podcast. Julie writes, produces and frequently acts in episodes.

Episode 6
Krawiec describes herself as an “aspiring writer with a day job.” She is also a frequent reader at Well Told Tales. She is from the New Orleans area.

Episode 5
Sonia Perozzi plays Sparrow and Rachel Nolen in Wormwood: A Serialized Mystery. She hs also appeared in several films and can be heard reading stories on Well Told Tales as well. Listen for Sonia’s voice in future episode of Fear on Demand.

Episode 4
Gord Mackenzie (who can be contacted at can be heard reading works including Notes from the Underground at

Episode 3
Glen Hallstrom, our announcer, returns with a new voice for The Red Spectre.

Episode 2
The reader for “This Old Man Came Rolling Home” is Mark Nelson. For more than 25 years, Mark Nelson toiled in the bowels of human resources, an insignificant nobody. One day while conducting an exit interview during a mass lay-off he was bitten on the finger by a radioactive employee, and thereby gained the characteristics of …more than one person!  Since then he has vowed to use his slightly-above-average powers to save humanity through industrial voice-overs and book narration. He can be summoned at

Episode 1

Glen Hallstrom aka Smokestack Jones is the voice of  “Thief of Eyes.” Glen can be heard reading horror classics and his blog can be found at Too Much Johnson. That name comes from a classic Orson Wells Comedy. Glen is a fan of great film comedies including the works of Laurel and Hardy. Contact him for voice work Hear Glen read the classic horror short story The Masque of the Red Death here, and check in at Glen’s blog, Too Much Johnson.

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